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Why Does Your Team Need A Shared Office Space?

Updated: Jan 24

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At the peak of the pandemic, for many companies working from home was not a luxury but a necessity. With the reduction of the impact of the pandemic, a large part of the security measures began to be abolished all over the world, including in Macedonia. Employees began to return to their jobs. Many of the people who have been working from home for the past two years say that they are already tired of working from home.

Due to isolation from social interactions, there is almost no country that does not see an increase in mental health problems. A CDC study found that the percentage of the population reporting feeling depressed had quadrupled.

Here in Macedonia, one of the most negative aspects of working from home turned out to be the lack of social interaction. Although a growing number of employees in Macedonia are returning to the "office", certain industries have decided to use the hybrid model or allow their employees to work from home.

One of the effective ways that companies can solve this problem is through the temporary rental of coworking space in Skopje, available to all employees.

Here are 5 benefits that your company would get if you regularly rent coworking space for your team.

Increased Productivity

For some people, or for certain work tasks, working from home is a big challenge. People deal with a lack of motivation, which then affects their productivity. The presence of other colleagues in the same office can be an incentive and motivation for employees to work more efficiently and respect the deadlines for their project.

It has been proven that the professional work environment has an impact on the perception and productivity of employees. A January 2019 article in Forbes states that: "Quality workspace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere."

Enable your employees to work in an atmosphere that will help them accomplish their work tasks by renting shared office space.

Huge savings On Rent and No Overhead Costs

Flexible rental terms include a flexible time frame. And huge savings too. For example, a company can rent a certain space twice a week at a time that suits their needs. This type of rental includes all overhead costs, maintaining the hygiene of the space and coffee breaks.

In Macedonia, the demand for this type of rental is not yet widespread. However, innovative companies are already using this strategy to operate. In this way, they achieve an excellent balance between working from home and working in the office, while achieving savings of thousands of euros every month.

Refreshing Team Commitment

Changing your work environment occasionally—between working from home and being in the office—can increase your enthusiasm for completing projects on time. When a team's motivation and work ethic starts to wane, it's time to get the team together in one location. This will be beneficial for both the employees and the company.

Location is extremely important when your team needs to hold a meeting or when they want to present a new product to a potential customer. Whenever you choose a location for your activities, keep in mind the reputation of the location itself.

Choosing flexible office space for rent in an urban location allows for easy accessibility for employees or clients traveling from different parts of the city or suburbs. Accessible parking, public transportation, and a bike path are important components in the equation when deciding on a location.

Face to Face Meetings

Meeting with business clients in a physical location allows your employees to ‘brush off’ some of the communication skills that may have been gathering dust during the pandemic.

For some employees, Zoom meetings are already too much for them. Face-to-face meetings allow for a much deeper interaction than virtual meetings. The Harvard Business Review article states that the most important activity that happens in an office is face-to-face interaction.

Conversations flow much better when everyone is in the same room and can more clearly interpret other people's facial expressions and body language. Considering that over 80% of communication is based on non-verbal cues, face-to-face interactions are vital to successful business meetings and establishing new partnerships.

Schedule a face-to-face meeting and allow everyone in attendance to connect and create strong professional bonds.

Incentive for Innovation

Your team is your future. A company that does not invest in its team will have an uncertain future, which will affect both results and profits. In the conditions of a pandemic, when a large part of teams worked from home, the biggest impact was on innovation and connection between employees.

Depending on the industry, some companies can't afford to let innovation slip. An article from HBR (Harvard Business Review) explains how great companies understand this close connection between personal interactions, achievement and innovation. An HR director at Yahoo has even removed all telecommuting privileges, stating that "some of the best decisions and insights come from conversations in the hallway or cafeteria."

Creating conditions for building deeper connections and trust between the team is the responsibility of companies. A team's bond can be built through joint projects or events – in the same location. Thus, conditions for building innovation will be created.


Regular gathering of the team in the same location is a prerequisite for growth. Motivation, productivity and innovation will grow. At the same time, if you do that in a shared office, the cost of rent and utilities will be reduced significantly.

Using a shared coworking space is an excellent solution for any company that wants to help its team to be more motivated, which will then affect increased productivity. If employees are motivated, they will be committed to the organization and have a higher work ethic. These components are a good foundation for better communication and innovation.

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LinkAcross Center for Development in Skopje is an ideal place for holding team meetings, trainings, or team building activities. The professionally equipped office space offers comfort for a team of up to 30 employees. You can rent the space for 2, 4 or 8 hours, once or a number of times a week. Teams that need space for work or meetings can use this space at complete discretion.

LinkAcross Development Center is located in an easily accessible location in one of the central municipalities, Karpoš Municipality, 50 meters from the bicycle path, the bus stop, and with several available parking lots in the immediate vicinity.

Visit the Development Center page and find out more details about how you can use our meeting room for your next event.


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